Malawi Government Gazette dated 2022-03-04 number 11

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nd, @ 3,649: Vol. LIX No. 11] Zomba, 4th March, 2022
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CONTENTS Pact (8) Eva Dick PaNpama, formadrly of Kampazava Village, T.A.
Administrator General Act Notice of Deceased Estates we, “OI 98 Machinjin, Blantyre, who died at Kamuvu Central Hospital on the 18th day
Office of the President and Cabinet. Notice of Approval to
of February, 2020.
chanve Names ; . . 2 oS

Gest rat Noricr Na. 25 (9) CLiEtON JONNY Satanst. formerly of Sopwe Village, TA
Kuntumanje, Zomba. who died at Kusppwe. Kuntumanji, Zomba. on the
ADMINISTRATOR GENENRAL ACT 25th day of July, 2020.
(Cap. 10:01 Laws of Malawi)
(10) Sait Ipana, formerly of (hauluka Village, TA. Nsamala,
Balaka, who diced at Chauluka, Nsamfala, Balaka, on the [Sth day of
Under the provision of section 9 of the Administrator General Act, the
October, 2020
Administrator Gencral hereby gives notice of his intention to apply to the
High Court of Malawi, for letters of administration in respect of the estates (11) VERONICA MALENIE, formerly of Ministry of Education, who died
of the deceased persons whose particulars are given hereunder. All persons at Blantyre Adventist Hospital on the 24th day of February, 2020.
who are indebted to the below mentioned deceased persons or those who
have anything in their possession which forms part of the said deccased (12) ENFs LupaFya Muone. formerly of Ministry of Justice, who died
persons estates, should submit the particulars thereof in writing to the at Queen Elizabeth Hospital on the 2Sth]day of October, 2020.

Administrator General, Private Bag 218. Lilongwe, within fourteen (14)
(13) Baxter Jere, formerly of Alam Jere Village, T.A. Mpherembe,
days of the date of this notice atier which date the deceased estaics will be
who died at Aram Jere Mpherembe, Mzimba, on the 25th day of June,
distributed by the Administrator General having regard only to those 2017.
claims of which he shall have received written particulars.
(14) Mary Mpsxasamao, formerlk of Kayesa Village. TA. Zulu
M, KANDIKOLE JERE Mchinji, who died at Zalengela Village.|T.A. Goodson Ganya Nicheu on
for Administrator General
‘the 13th day of April, 2020.

(1) Beatrice Makistipu, formerly (13) CatisteR Lazaro Moyo, formerly of Kapedzera Village. T.A.
of Mpondasi Village, T.A,
Mponda, Mangochi, who died at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe on Kalumbu, Lilongwe, who died at Mchinjf District Hospital on the 29th day
of April, 2020.
the 28th day of October, 2021.

(2) Leirax Puki, formery of Mzembera Village, T.A. Pemba, Salima, (16) Caister Lazaro Moyo, fornjerly of Kapedzcla Village. TA

who dicd at Salina District Hospital on the 9th day of November. 2020. Kalumbu, Lilongwe. who dicd at Kapedzera Village. TA. Kalumbu,

Lilongwe, on the 2nd day of December, 4019.
(3) Rapiiatt KALUNGL, formerly of Nicheu, who dicd at Area 22,

Lilongwe on the 10th day of May, 2021, (17) Murry A. Cuirambo, formerly of Chapinduka Village, Senior

Chief Chikulamayembe, Rumphi, who |dicd at Wezi Medical Centre.
(4) JAMES NvAi iss, formerly of Andrew Village, TA. Machinjiri, who
Mzuzu City. on the 22nd day of August. 9021.
died at St. Joseph Hospital, Chiradzulu, on the 17th day of August. 2020.

(18) Mercy Kamanca Nawira, formerly of Chapurwa Village, T.A,
(3) ULAbI Kavuwa, formerly of Kalumbi I] Village. TA. Tengani,
Mankhambira, Nkhatabay, who dicd at Kamuzu Central Hospital on the
Nsanje, who dicd at Kalumbi T.A. Tengani, Nsanje, on the 27th day of
13th day of October, 2021.
May. 2018

(19) Roser Naravata, formerly qf M’Gunda Phirt Village. TA
(6) GeorGe Manyozo Putri, formerly of Ministry of Gender, who
Kalonga Salima, who died at Kamuzu Ceptral Hospital, Lilongwe. on the
died at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital on the 16th day of February.
13th day of September, 2021,

(20) BiNagp MALANGo, formerly of Nthondo Village, T.A. Nthondo,
(7) M¥anpina Mevawa KAMBUZL WA, formerly of Ministry of Health,
Ntchisi, who dicd at Kamuzu Central Hospital, Lilongwe. on the 30th day
who died at Liwonde District Hospital on the 11th day of May, 2020,
of October, 2021